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Dimensions Curriculum Intent and Rationale


Our intent for the pupils of Holmer Green First School and Pre-School is to experience a curriculum that incorporates and links to our values. We want our pupils to be resilient and confident learners and for them to continue to be passionate about their learning beyond their time at our school.


Our curriculum is ambitious, imaginative and innovative. We aim to build community links within our curriculum with the intention that learning continues outside of the school setting. We want our pupils to be proud of their learning and be more like ‘NED’, our school mascot, by Never giving up, Encouraging others and Doing their best.


Our nurturing and inclusive curriculum encourages a sense of human flourishing and recognises the importance of human creativity and achievement, which will lead to the development of educated citizens.


Rationale for Implementation

From September 2022, we will use Dimensions ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum as the main vehicle for achieving our outlined intent.


This curriculum is underpinned by four highly relevant world issues, known as the four Cs:-







At Holmer Green First School and Pre-School, we recognise the importance of good communication skills in all areas of learning and socialising. We want our pupils to understand that being able to communicate clearly can help with resolving conflicts and can build friendships. In class, we work hard on sharing and using a wide range of vocabulary with our pupils from the very start of their time at school. We regularly check our pupils understanding of words when reading stories and texts and encourage them to use more complex vocabulary in their writing. We give our pupils plenty of opportunities to talk and listen to one another throughout our continuous provision, this includes the opportunity to participate in School Council and Eco Council meetings.



We work hard to ensure that our pupils have connections with the wider community. We want our pupils to be culturally aware as well as being able to understand and recognise British values. It is important that our children see themselves in our curriculum. Our children are involved in a range of community projects and performances throughout the year. We work hard to maintain our links with Nyatindo School in Kenya to build on our global cultural connections.


Conflict (Managing Friendships)

As a First School, we recognise the need to give our pupils the tools they need to resolve conflicts early. Through our curriculum, we aim to provide opportunities for our pupils to use these tools and develop their skills to deal with conflict positively, therefore we focus on 'getting on and falling out' and managing friendships. We have various strategies in place to help our pupils deal with their emotions and feelings such as zones of regulation posters, worry monsters in the classroom and mirrors to help the children recognise facial expressions. Our pupils are extremely well behaved and polite, we want our curriculum to support them in developing their exceptional behaviour!



At Holmer Green First School and Pre-School, we give our pupils meaningful learning experiences using our outdoor spaces and the green spaces around our community. We are very fortunate to have an allotment for each year group and the children work hard to tend to their plants and vegetables. The pupils have regular lessons at Forest School and they enjoy spending time learning about nature, climbing trees and finding mini-beasts. We want our curriculum to reflect and support our school’s commitment to inspiring our pupils to be responsible global citizens and for them to not only understand the impact their behaviour has on the environment but to share their learning outside of the classroom in the wider community. We have recycling stations in the classrooms and along the main corridor. As well as recycling in the classrooms, children are encouraged to bring in items from home. 



Our curriculum narrative begins with Communication, as we believe that it is a priority at the start of our school year to start language development early with our pupils. We understand the importance of setting out clear intentions and approaches in helping our pupils to communicate effectively with their peers and adults.


We will then follow this with Culture as this will allow us to interweave a range of festivals and celebrations into our curriculum during the second half of the Autumn term.


After culture, we will look at Conflict. We aim for our pupils to be using good communication skills to help to resolve their conflicts and have a greater maturity to look at some of the more complex themes that are presented in the conflict issues.


We will complete our school year with Conservation, this will create a positive flow from conflict with the idea of taking care and looking after things. During the summer term we will have more opportunities to visit our allotments, plant seeds and observe plants growing (weather dependent!).


We encourage our pupils to have high aspirations by teaching them about human creativity and achievement through additional Competency Units about famous figures and groups of people that focus on Creativity, Commitment, Courage and Community, for example Mary Anning, Josephine Baker and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. 


Please click on the links below to find out more about our theme cycles. Our Early Years children are 'Explorers' and our Year One and Two children are 'Pathfinders'!

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please contact us.