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Equality Policy and Statement


At Holmer Green First School we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all pupils, staff and carers irrespective of race, gender, disability, faith, religion, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, age or culture. We work hard to develop a culture of inclusion and celebrate diversity in all its forms so that all those connected to the school feel proud of their identity and are able to participate fully in school life. Our aim is that our children know that it is good to be different!



We achieve this by:

  • Treating all those within the school community as individuals with their own particular abilities, beliefs, challenges, backgrounds and experiences.
  • Promoting high levels of self-esteem and a positive self-image for all our staff and pupils.
  • Having high expectations for everyone in our school community.
  • Promoting mutual respect and valuing each other’s similarities and differences
  • Organising a range of activities throughout the year to celebrate diversity e.g. specific assemblies, school visits etc.
  • Celebrating festivals from a variety of cultures/religions.
  • Celebrating individual children’s family events.
  • Using high quality books and resources that reflect the diversity of our society in modern Britain.
  • Challenging all forms of stereotyping.
  • Investigating, discussing and tackling all forms of discrimination, racism or bullying by working with an individual child or family, delivering specific lessons for a class and meeting with parents.
  • Training staff in ways to use diversity to positively enhance the education for all our pupils.  



Our aim is that no child should be disadvantaged because of their background and so we monitor achievement by gender, SEND, ethnicity, pupil premium as well as term of birth. Pupils may be tracked as individuals or a part of a specifically defined group. This information is then used to provide interventions or specific programmes to ensure the learning needs of all our pupils are met. Wider, whole school issues are fed into our School Improvement Plan e.g. our recent initiatives to raise the standards of boys.


Equalities Objective 2015-2017

To develop and maintain a global perspective in our children by forming links with a school in Kenya. This will enable our children to appreciate the similarities and differences between themselves and children in this contrasting country.


Equalities Objective Review May 2017



Actions and Activities


Autumn 2015

Member of staff visited Kenya for a week to work in Nyatindo School. This included:

Series of assemblies on Kenya – climate, housing, schooling etc.


Harvest Festival focused on Kenya with clothing collection.


Fundraising to provide the school with a new toilet including small change collection (turn a map of Africa silver), sponsored walk (children walked the distance Kenyan children do each day to and from school).


Children gained a good understanding of Kenya and the lives of children there. The work had a real impact on the children as noted by one parent:

“you have awoken a sense of compassion and kindness in my daughter”.


The school raised the £1,000 needed to build the school a new toilet. The clothes and gifts were gratefully received by Nyatindo School.

Spring 2016




Fundraising activities to purchase a cow for the school so that the younger children can stay for the day.


Money was raised through a small stall selling children’s crafts but also by one child donating their competition prize money. She wanted the school to have a cow so that the children could have milk to drink.

Summer 2016

Africa day – activities related to Africa – art, music, stories etc.


Visit by Kenyan teachers – children sang songs for them and asked questions about schools in Kenya.


Draft Equalities policy

Children enjoyed the day and the richness of African culture.


Children asked thoughtful questions and listened attentively to the teachers.


Draft equality policy was produced using the Bucks model policy but it was complex and unwieldy so further work was necessary to  make it a usable document.

Autumn 2016

Kenyan link continues:

Work sent for Kenyan children to see.


Visit by Pauline Prince to share photos of her recent visit to Kenya.

Assembly on Kenyan schools.

Year 1 -

The photos of Nyatindo school had a significant impact on the children. In particularly they were surprised by the beaten dirt floor and the lack of displays on the walls.

Spring 2017

Kenyan display established with information and photos



Email link established with Headteacher of Nyatindo school.


Letter and photo received from Headteacher and shared with children in assembly.


Display is a continued reminder to the children of all they know about Kenya


Communication with Nyatindo school has been eased.


Children very excited to receive the photograph of their work being admired. Enjoyed hearing the Headteacher’s news and that the cow was about to have a calf!


Summer 2017

Finalise Equalities Policy

Equalities Policy finalised May 2017

2017 - 2018

Appoint new equalities leader

Review equalities objective

Develop new action plan as part of School Development Plan