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Magic Booking FAQ

I have paid for my child to attend a visit/meet a visitor, but the school says they have not received the payment.

Once you have made the payment for a visit or visitor on Magic Booking, please ensure that the payment has successfully gone through. If the payment has been successful, you will receive an email stating that payment has been made. Sometimes, after you have put your card details into the system, the payment is cancelled before the money is taken as the platform times out or there may be insufficient funds in your bank account.


Why is my account showing as overdue when I have paid by TFC / CCV?

Payments via these methods need to be manually added to the Magic Bookings system once they arrive in our bank account. This is done once a week during term time. This process will not be done during weekends and school holidays. This does mean that there can be a delay in them reaching your Magic Booking Account.


What can I do to amend or make other bookings if my account is overdue?

If you have made payment by TFC / CCV and your account is showing as overdue please email or contact the school office on 01494 712050 during the school working day and we can unlock your account for you.


Why are payments taken when my child hasn’t started club yet?

If you make bookings for more than one month then you are able to set up monthly instalments. Please ensure that you review the plan you set up and are happy with it prior to confirming it.

If you need to make CCV and credit card payments to cover the total cost ensure you tick both boxes when setting up your instalment plans.


The system says that there are no spaces available is this correct?

If the system shows a session as unavailable this is either as the session is fully booked or for an inset day or school holiday.

We have to manage the statutory child to adult ratio within club. We have a set number of pupil spaces based on the room size and number of adults in club. 

If you find that a session is unavailable you can email and we will see if there is anything we can do to help.


I can’t see or am unable to book the activity I want to book.

Please ensure that your child is set up against the school name and allocated to their class.


Check that their date of birth is correct.


If your child has missing information on their account e.g. missing consents then this needs to be added to your child’s details prior to you being able to book.

This can all be done by going onto your Magic Bookings account and editing your child’s details by choosing by choosing information from the drop-down menus for the school and class and by going onto the consents tab and ensure all questions have been answered.


Why do I have to pay the whole amount now?

You only have to pay the whole amount if your booking is all within one month.

If your booking is for longer, then you can set up monthly instalments at the time of booking. If you missed doing this at the time of booking please email and we will be able to set it up for you.


I have 2 bookings can I combine the payments into 1?

No, unfortunately not. Each booking will have its own payment schedule. Please see below for details of how to ensure all of your activities are on the one booking and hence one payment.


I am trying to book an activity but I just keep getting taken to an order number at the top of the screen.

You have already booked your child onto that activity and the system is giving you your order number for that booking. The system will not allow you to make duplicate bookings for the same thing.

I emailed 2 days ago but have had no response.

We endeavour to respond to emails within the working day 9am to 3pm Mon – Fri during term time. Emails are not monitored during weekends and school holidays and any emails received during this time will be dealt with on the next school working day.



Can I book all my activities onto the one booking?

Yes, you can.

Book your first activity. If the children are in the same school then all their names will appear when booking the activity and you can tick all children the booking applies to.  If the children are in different schools then you simply press the ‘add another activity’ button when you get to the screen for setting up the payment details. You can do this until all of your activities are on the one booking. Once you have all your activities booked you should then proceed with setting up your payment details.

It is not very easy to (at a glance) see what has been booked.

When booking you are presented with a weekly breakdown which is colour coded.

The weeks which show as amber or red should be reviewed as this indicates that some sessions are already fully booked.

You can also see by going onto your Magic Bookings account and looking at your bookings in calendar view.

I am unable to sign in. I have requested a password reset - however the email with the link was never received. Will you be able to help me with this?

Please ensure that you do have an account with Magic Bookings. This account is set up by you not the school. Click on the option to create an account which is located just below the Log In button.