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School Travel Plan

We are committed to encouraging all of our pupils and their parents or carers to walk to and from school, at every opportunity. We hope you will be keen to join with us in maintaining our excellent reputation and great track record in walking to and from school.


What is a School Travel Plan?

A School Travel Plan (STP) is a document which sets out how a school will promote safe, active and sustainable travel to school. The main emphasis is put on reducing car use on the school journey. For a STP to be successful it must be supported by the whole school community e.g. pupils, parents, teachers, governors and the local community. Our STP Leader is Siobhan Pearce.


We have a number of initiatives in place which support our STP. Please click here to read our School Travel policy. 


Modeshift STARS

We currently hold a silver accreditation with Modeshift STARS (a national awards scheme) as recognition for demonstrating excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel to school.  This was awarded in February 2023. We continue to work hard to improve our initiatives to further promote safe and active travel within our school community.

Enormous Walking Crocodile

Our Enormous Walking Crocodile is like a walking bus. Families are encouraged to join our crocodile to reduce road traffic and promote exercise. The meeting points are on The Common by The Village Centre at 8.30am and on Harries Way at 8.40am. It would be lovely if you could join us!


The last Enormous Crocodile was held on Tuesday 14th March 2023 and the theme was 'Happy Shoesday'. Children were asked to walk to school wearing a pair of shoes which makes them feel happy!

Bikeability Balance

Children in Reception are offered the opportunity to participate in Bikeability Balance lessons during the autumn term. These lessons are taught by a Buckinghamshire Council approved provider over four days. During the sessions the children learn about road safety, bike handling and awareness and the names of the parts of a bike.

Walk Once a Week (WOW)

The year-round walk to school challenge helps to encourage as many children and their families as possible to experience the benefits of walking to school.


WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report in their classroom how they get to school or travel home every day. If they travel sustainably (walk, cycle or scoot) twice a week for a month, they get rewarded with a badge. It's that easy! 


If you choose to park and stride, you must ensure that you park at least five minutes away from our school. Our walking bubble highlights this distance for you (see below). 

Beep Beep Day! 

Every year thousands of children aged 2-7 take part in a special Beep Beep! Day to help save little lives. It's a great way to engage children with the road safety basics through fun activities, while raising awareness among parents and the wider community about protecting children on roads.



We will be taking part in the next Beep Beep! Day. This short animation outlines how you can keep your child safe when travelling in a car.


The Sports Association kindly allow our parents and visitors to park in their car park. Please follow the one way arrows when using this car park, ensuring that you turn left as soon as you pull in. Parents and visitors must ensure that they park considerately and in the designated bays.


We have a Crossing Patrol Officer on Watchet Lane both before and after school. Please make use of this facility to ensure that you and your family cross the road safely. 

Travel Ambassadors

We have 12 travel ambassadors at school.  They are an elected group of children from Reception to Year Two who work together to encourage active and safe travel to and from school. They work alongside the School Travel Plan Coordinator and perform various activities, such as carrying out travel surveys, performing bike and scooter counts and handing out the monthly WOW badges to all children who have walked, cycled or scootered to school or have used our ‘park and stride’ scheme. They also meet once a month to discuss their ideas and share worries about their journeys to school.


This year they ran a 'speed awareness' poster competition after sharing their observations and concerns about the vehicles they encounter on their daily journeys. They selected seven winning entries which are now on display along Watchet Lane. A huge ‘thank you’ to the ‘High Wycombe Group of Advanced Motorists’ who provided sponsorship for the signs.

Public Transport

If you need to access public transport, please find details below for the local bus company (Arriva) and Chiltern Railways: