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Our School Day

A typical day in our school:



7:45am          Breakfast Club begins.

8:50am          Playground doors are opened and children come into school.

8:55am          School officially begins, registers are taken and Early Morning Work commences.

9:00am          Pre-School doors are opened.

9.15am          Assembly.

9.30am          Lessons.

10.30am        Break Time.

10.50am        Phonics Lessons.

11.10am         Lessons.



12:00pm       Reception lunch time begins.

         Pre-School Morning session finishes.

12:15pm       Year 1 and 2 lunch time begins.



1:15pm         Lunch ends, registers taken and lessons begin.

3:00pm        End of school day, children are collected from the playground.

                   After School Club begins.

6:00 pm      After School Club ends.



'I like maths and science. They are really fun. I like adding numbers.'

Year One Pupil