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You asked . . We did

At Holmer Green First School and Pre-School, we believe that it is important to work together to make our school the best that it can be! Here are a few actions which we have recently implemented based on feedback.


  • You said that it was difficult to find the entrance to the Cherry Tree Club.


We have now included directions on our website and installed signs along the alleyway and on the school building by the Cherry Tree Club entrance.


  • The children said that they would like a music studio.


Over the summer, we have added music stations to the classrooms which include keyboards, electric drum kits and music paper for the children to write their own music. We have also made music walls which we have installed on the playground and in the Early Years outdoor areas.


  • You asked us to reduce the number of emails which we send out.


We now limit the number of emails which are sent out on a daily basis. Whole school emails are sent out on a Monday and Year Group emails are sent out on specific days.



  • You said that you would like regular feedback from the Pre-School staff regarding your child's progress.

All Early Years parents now have access to Tapestry. Parents can contribute to their children's assessments as well as view observations made by school staff. To bring the Pre-School inline with the school, parents are now invited to attend Parent Teacher Meetings and receive a Pre-School report.



  • You asked us to add a wider range of dates to the school calendar.

We have now added all school dates to the website calendar. Parents can subscribe to our calendar so that the events are pulled through onto their device.



  • You asked us to consider a wider range of activities for the Juniors at After School Club.

We have worked with the Juniors to develop the provision at After School Club. After gaining pupil voice, we have purchased resources, games and toys which are age appropriate for the Juniors.